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Today’s random useful URL

In posts with this title, I intend to send you a random useful UI/UX advertising and marketing URL that you will surely need in your arsenal. URL: Timeline creators, to use to plan your campaign    

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How can UI affect your profits?

Alright this is my Interface design UI self speaking, haha 🙂 So how UI control what you earn from your site or app? less action steps is one of them. Growing up with the internet, obviously visiting and re-visiting websites at a gazillion rate. I see “sign on” and “sign in” fighting each other for appearance on the web page, […]

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Traditional advertising – It’s still here!

When first digital marketing and advertising came, we all thought that it will end the era of Traditional Advertising. But what happened is completely different. If you’re interested in knowing how it morphed to become alive and strong, please keep reading. Billboards,   TV, Newspapers and all. Were the only way to get consumer’s attention. But with the rise of technology […]

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Hacking & Insights – What should a brand/agency do

Acquiring something, and doing something else with it that it never intended in its plan to do, is hacking. The terms started from the PC hacking generation. Overclocking speeds that aren’t meant to be on a CPU, achieving higher speeds with sufficient cooling. It is a human behavior tied with our desire to achieve anything higher. After the famous Wii […]

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Basic Advertising / Marketing model – To unblock and help start projects

I created this very simple model, while working early in my career for advertising as a strat/planner. Simple and cheerful, served me well for a number of years and still does. And the explanation for it is easy to (from bottom to top): The strategist/planner is engaged strategist/planner collects all data from sources like: research= survey, online, paid research and […]

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My capabilities – Listed

I had a conversation with an employer today. And they seem to be baffled with what I can actually bring to their table. So as a solution, I listed all my capabilities as a digital marketer as shown below: Market Research Set Up a Website Email Marketing SEO Copywriting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) YouTube Marketing Facebook Marketing Twitter Marketing Quora […]

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