Be careful: Do not share your ideas casually – It will get stolen!

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Be careful: Do not share your ideas casually – It will get stolen!

Being from the creative side makes be able to identify problems and solve them with a creative solution. My problem was that I had a big mouth: I talked my mind a lot with anyone and everyone. Until I slowly realized that some of my ideas got stolen with zero credit to me.

The latest was an app for Sime Darby Medical. The problem was patients look more to the physicians rather than the facilities. So creating an app that contains portfolios of doctors and their background + ability to book an appointment directly from the app, was a too obvious idea to me. Until I shared it with my housemate, I was very naive. She stole the idea and contacted an agency that developed it.

That app is here:

And here on itunes:

And as you can see there is no mention of me in that.









The other idea was stolen from me was in Saudi Arabia.

And thief is my own sister. The problem was a traffic jam drivers needed to let their students to know that their driver arrived. And the name of the student is displayed via LED screen exactly like what you have in the airports. Solving many problems with driver-student ride mystery and easing out traffic jam by speeding you the operation of the fore mentioned. I could h


ave made a few grand of that idea. But thanks for a 10 year old sister who stole it, and she didn’t even get the credit for it, her classmates/assistants got the credit instead because she’s a foreign student aka worthless in the government of Saudi.


The moral of the story is: whenever you have an idea of whatever. Write it down, and if you are thinker like me, keep a notepad to write ideas immediately when they spark. Avoid sharing it, keep it in a secret place when you’re not using and be damn secretive about it.

Don’t worry. No matter how random the ideas are, there will be a time when you will need 1 or 2 of them to work a project.

It’s a competitive world out there and the idea business can earn you a ton a million if a big corporation needed one from you.


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