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Digital Advertising & Interface Design (UI) – Similar things across

My BA. was in Interface design. There I learned about the interaction between human and machine. And UI.

We used to do many types of research in Interface Design, most of them are about human cognitive mapping, mechanics of an app/software, a bit of anthropology and more.

Then when I was hired at Tribal WorldWide the digital interactive agency, I saw that things between the work there and the work I did in my study days is so similar (see above paragraph). To an extent that I regretted not going to Tribal after graduation to have a longer career in advertising as a digital planner.

But no regrets anymore. Being a UI and a Digital Planner gave me a huge opportunity of experience that I will never ever forget. In fact, I use what I learned everyday in many situations and jobs I do for customers and hiring companies.

There is no regrets always for what you studied and what you’re working on now. Education is just a spoon lick of exposure to something, but a career is what matters long term. You can spin what you studied to what you want to do in the future any time any day 🙂

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