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Great minds think alike: Lazy employees are better

I’m happy to find this on my Facebook feed. It makes a lot of sense specially to hiring managers:

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”. Beautiful said by Bill Gates.

A lazy person can something like me: like to google every single sentence while I’m creating a Plan or a Digital Marketing.  I google a lot, really a lot!

Be aware had to distort

It was in 2 Malaysian companies I saw that they don’t understand this, one of them (a decentralized cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, in Malaysia) expected me to deliver a complete campaign strategy from scratch without research or even using google at all “that’s your challenge boy, what kind of strategist are you” he said. So Beware.

After I left that company it turned out they wanted a video story boarder and VFX guys. Their fault for not knowing a thing about the creative business!

So as I mentioned above my lazy approach is just googling a lot before, whilst and after the campaign. Why I do that? Because this is the way I can get my client the latest, most effective and relevant in the time period for their campaigns.

And this is very important, I really do think that there aren’t much people who question a lazy-googler employee. After all it’s my job and I’m free to do it however I can as long as it’s legal and I meet the deadlines.

If you’re against that, then sorry. I’m not the right choice for you. Try campaign planners from India, Bangladesh or Pakistan, they can do it for you. Of course it will be remote, and you will be happy that you spent your money on a “top class” marketer who doesn’t google, while he/she google’s the shit out of your campaign while you’re not looking. Charging you more than me!


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