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Hacking & Insights – What should a brand/agency do

Acquiring something, and doing something else with it that it never intended in its plan to do, is hacking.

The terms started from the PC hacking generation. Overclocking speeds that aren’t meant to be on a CPU, achieving higher speeds with sufficient cooling. It is a human behavior tied with our desire to achieve anything higher. After the famous Wii controller hack, a trend was born. People are hacking all game controllers and stuff, even fashion.

I found that I am a hacker myself, I am wearing a smart band not for health/exercise, but only that I need something to vibrate on my hand because I tend to not hear/feel phone notifications sometimes.

So in fashion. The trend of men wearing front/waist pack is coming back. However users now hack it by wearing it over the shoulder rather than the waist.

Lets forget the word “Hack” and replace it with what’s in my field of interest (advertising/Marketing) it will be the word: Insight.

That’s what’s basically insights I see whenever I research something for a brand or client. And it is something with a huge value. If the client chooses to listen to their customers, and follow what the users are doing, it’s like “Yes, we heard you. We are now with you. We will create it ask you like it so.” by changing the product to how the users use it. Ease it, make it ergonomic … etc. That what brings you money in this day and age!

So the golden nugget here is this to Brands and Clients:
Always keep your insights “radar” about your product you’re promoting or intend to re-inventing. After all, the greatest brands in the world are the ones that listen to their customers.

So support the insight. Create and improve the hack. And all good! Call me if you made money off of this! Haha!

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