How can UI affect your profits?

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How can UI affect your profits?

Alright this is my Interface design UI self speaking, haha 🙂

So how UI control what you earn from your site or app? less action steps is one of them.

Growing up with the internet, obviously visiting and re-visiting websites at a gazillion rate. I see “sign on” and “sign in” fighting each other for appearance on the web page, that’s a bad UI flaw on the basics. Returning visitors are as important, so each one of them deserves to be seen at strategic location on the page’s design.


On the other hand, more steps to buy item over the internet, wont do anything but the chances of you not receiving any money get more.

Take a look at the model where i would say that is being used today:

And what I see on innovative websites:

(ignore the white numbers)

I want to see this more in most sites, its a needed feature by the user and the website owner.


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