Mediocre bosses – commenting on employee work style

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Mediocre bosses – commenting on employee work style

I had the misfortune to work 2 days at one of cryptocurrency companies in Malaysia (I won’t mention the company name except on request). Dinesh, my so called boss judged unfairly for using Google to get facts in order to put in my PPT presentation solution for his strategic campaign I was trying to make for him on his request.

Maybe it’s a millennial thing that I dont fully understand or got the memo of, but my past works at Qtelmedia, Tribal, SpeedCast, Publicis, Mothercare I use google for everything in order to give my employer:

  1. The best result possible
  2. The latest results possible

Apparently some employers expect that my job is to be an expert in PPT for the sake of finishing PPT without correct data. So I quit after we hit a brick wall and continue looking for jobs.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop at that, Dinesh spread his false idea about me as fraud, n00b and so on to his Whatsapp group of like minded idiots and race.

I will never change my way for something small as this. I will google everything to create any type of research to create a strategic campaign.

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