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Micro Management in Advertising and marketing

I worked at an agency where I was told that I should micro manage the creative team. Literally I was asked to stand behind every employee monitoring what they do, either to speed the work up or to see how the work is following the plan or not. I have an issue with that. And maybe it’s a millennial thing I guess.

Designers have earned their roles after years of study and years of experience, the same with the copywriters and so on. Don’t you think it’s enough to:

  1. Lock the idea with them first
  2. Be open for question
  3. Enter WIP sessions in the brief so nothing is a surprise and keep everyone on track
  4. WIPs will show how are we following the plan

In my way I like to have as many WIPs as possible rather than micro managing people. I trust their expertise, judgment and their creativity. And I make my WIPs the easiest way possible, it can be a meeting (that’s the longest) and dropping by workstations of teams. Making sure everyone is on the dot for the campaign work.

Of course this is all in the plan. Nothing is a surprise here.

So if you wanna tower over creatives micro manage them, will sure make millennials will hate your guts!

So follow the steps above and may all be well.

Ps. (do you tower over the cook making your meal at a restaurant ? you will be labeled crazy and you’ll never be welcomed at that restaurant again. Instead, if you have something complicated need done, you tell the waiter how you want the cook to make it. Doesn’t it make sense. Why not you trust your creatives after you explained what you need? So don’t micro manage, just manage).


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