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South East Asian Agencies Fear Innovation – Malaysian Perceptive

Been in Malaysia for 17 years now and counting. Saw every ad under the sun and worked at a lot of agencies. There is only one thing I notice people in this part of the world like to do which is to improve rather than innovate.

All advertising ideas are a copy of a copy of a copy in it’s skeleton, sometime visuals and so and so.

“Yeah but we win awards and…” shshshhshshshs with your awards! In your South East Asia region they carry the same visuals, mechanics and way of doing thing like you. So who wins is who hasĀ  make something visually different just with the same idea, the same skeleton of execution or mechanics.

Seriously this is how it’s done here, nothing different at all. And it’s done this way for 3 things:

  • The audience are used to it
  • The client is used to it
  • The awards judges like it

And by the way in Malaysia, the Awards are always pre determined and pre purchased…. yup take that from me. I been there you didn’t.

Young agencies in the arena have their dreams crushed by clients and their bosses to lower down their creativity to the very low acceptable standard. And they will grow to become the same thing.

I quote 1 thing a Great Malaysian Pioneer in advertising and innovation: “You know Marwan, everything here is rinse and repeat”.

As an advertiser myself we carry a huge responsibility in our hands. We guide a nation’s new thinking. We control and instill good things into people. We are the reason of the more innovative and new our ads are, the more our countries get ahead. We are the shapers of minds. And if you shape a brain with shit, you get shit.

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