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Traditional advertising – It’s still here!

When first digital marketing and advertising came, we all thought that it will end the era of Traditional Advertising. But what happened is completely different. If you’re interested in knowing how it morphed to become alive and strong, please keep reading.

OOH traditional advertising

Billboards,   TV, Newspapers and all. Were the only way to get consumer’s attention. But with the rise of technology -internet- and the user spending more time there, along moved Advertising and in a digital way. So digital advertising is born. And the traditional advertising situation became of a worry.

Traditional advertising did not die! never even got sick. Traditional advertising has morphed in ways to keep it relevant.

Traditional and digital are now working side by side if not interlinked (in some campaigns). But what Traditional is focusing now is what it always doing, But in greater focus and power, things like:

  • Top of the mind brand recall
  • Subliminal advertising
  • OOH away from PC becomes a ground for digital
  • And even OOH in digital LCD format


Even the traditional research methods of focus groups, 1to1 interviews and many others, are still wanted by us Digital people. We take whatever is available and do able. That’s the beauty of digital.

So as I tell my clients who come to me telling me traditional is dead and they don’t want to spend any money on it. That’s the kind of explanation I go with. And you should too! The best campaign is if it combines digital and traditional combo.

Anything? Let me know!

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